6 Elements to Activate Your Heart

6 Elements of Heart ActivationWhy activate your heart?

Because when you feel the pressure to change and evolve, when you see the changes happening in the world and want to be part of the positive shifts, you are feeling the call of your soul. You need to access the divine plan and your part in it.

You need to access your soul – and you do that through your heart!

Your heart is where you bring to earth the divine within you.

Here are the six elements of activating your heart:

  1. When you AWAKEN your heart, you awaken soul
  2. When you TOUCH your heart, you touch the divine within you
  3. When you WORK from your heart, you activate your soul spark
  4. When you RADIATE from your heart, you magnetize with love
  5. When you LIVE in your heart, you are in the living flow
  6. When you BLESS with your heart, you are making your difference on Earth


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