About me

AnnHi, I’m Ann. I walk on the path of soul and heart, in the loving lineage of the mother wisdom, theosophia. The wisdom descended from the teachings of the great Masters Buddha and Christ Bodhisattva, and all the Masters of Wisdom on the Seven Rays who have shone their loving light upon Earth and humanity for an eternity. I have immersed deeply in this journey since the 1970s, and from 1983 with my beloved teacher Ananda who sadly passed away in 2002, but who remains ever joyfully inspiring my heart. I am an ordained priest in this tradition. I also have a Bachelor of Science, and have run my own consulting company, and done a bunch of other things. I believe deeply in the integration of all things in a meaningful life.

I feel blessed to have found a spiritual path that has nourished me so greatly, but I also don’t see it as fixed and static. As we unfold our consciousness, as the Earth and humanity change in consciousness, our path changes too.

That is why I always ask, “then what…?”

How is what I have learned, understood, experienced, useful to who I am and what I am here to do?

Spirituality is not a destination, a place to reach and then stop, fully enlightened, cosmically aware, blah blah blah. Spirituality is a means of becoming a greater soul and living a life of purposeful usefulness, here and now, in every changing moment of our lives on Earth. Whether you are an old soul or a young soul, doesn’t matter. It’s like growing up. You never stop, if you seek wisdom. As my granny used to say when I would share with her my whacky (to her) spiritual learning and insights, “you’re never to old to learn.” She never closed her mind, up to her last days, and she lived to be 96. Bless her

Another thing about spirituality. I don’t believe it is an up, up and away activity. You know, the beam-me-up experience where you go to a world where everything is splendid and beautiful forever after. We can’t possibly make the most of our human living experience if we use spiritual practice to opt out, fly away, dissolve into the ethers and leave behind our physical lives. We are human beings because we have something to DO here on this beautiful planet, and lots to learn! All our spiritual knowing, experience and insight is pointless without becoming and sharing that spirit where we are, here, on Earth. Duh, that’s why you are here? There’s a million, gazilion beings on the inner levels who can do what’s needed up there, so don’t waste your precious experience on Earth by leaving.

Soul is conscious life force, it lives and flows through you, in you, and nourishes you, but it can only nourish where you bring your consciousness. So, it will only nourish you here, in this body of yours, if you seek soul here. If you go up and away, then all that is nourished is that part of you that is up and away. It’s like expecting you can be a beautiful sun-kissed flower without being the plant, without pushing your roots deep into the soil, soaking up the rain and sunshine, growing your stems and leaves. A flower cut off from the plant will wilt. You want to be soul? You have to be the whole plant: roots, stems, leaves and then the beautiful flower!

Doesn’t mean it is easy. I haven’t had easy. I’ve had a heaping load of challenges to deal with throughout my entire life. And they are still coming. I have had debilitating chronic fatigue and trouble breathing for the last few years, resulting in hubby and I losing our home and almost all our savings as I couldn’t work anymore. Bleh. But all these experiences are what have helped me grow. These are what have helped me learn, expand my consciousness, clear the limiting karma from my past, and become more spiritual. The last years, for instance, while we lost almost everything of our material security, we found so much. We found peace in our nomad lifestyle, travelling around with just a trailer of possessions and our cat, housesitting and caretaking in beautiful places in our country (Australia). We found joy on the farm we were caretaking for 8 months, making friends with the cows and Dino the horse. We found freedom in our enforced, then embraced, simplicity of life. I would never go back to the life I had before. I have had the opportunity to learn so much about myself, as I could not distract myself with the busy-ness I immersed myself in the rest of my life. Busy-ness is a great way of avoiding things.

If you want easy, take the spiritual-pop path, the easy to digest, sweetened stuff that soothes you like a balm, while never really healing the wound underneath, or nurturing the seed within you to grow and flower.

If you want to expand your consciousness, understand your path, and become your most radiant self, you have to be willing to take the non-sugar-coated journey. The true journey that your soul inspires within you. The one that takes you up hills and down dales, that shows you the light and then takes it away, that blesses you with untold grace, and leaves you to create your own when you need to become stronger.

This is what I’m about. This is what I have worked on my whole life, to be here and take that journey – even when that feels completely rotten – to find the sunshine of life, and bloom. I am highly clairvoyant, but don’t go wah-wah with what I see. I share what is meaningful and pragmatic to a soul-focussed, spiritual life. I use my business experience and science background constantly, and passionately defend the true science that seeks to investigate and know the reality of our world, not the limitations.

I want to share my experiences, wisdom, mistakes and insights to help you awaken your consciousness and take your path. I want to help you find more nourishing soul in your life, here on this earth. I will share with you the ways I have found to bring our magnificent souls DOWN into our bodies, our physical selves, and nourish the whole of who we are.

Soul is the best personal and global changemaker there is. And we sure as heck need good changes right now, don’t you think? You’re not the only one searching. So much change is happening, and so much more needs to happen, personally and globally.

As the famous saying goes, become the change you seek.

We desperately need to become the world we seek.

The world where justice and compassion rule, where selfishness and greed are no more, where no one faces violence or goes hungry.

That’s the world I seek, and I hope I may inspire and nourish you to become the world you seek, to walk more deeply upon the beautiful, radiant pathway that is the way of your soul and heart, here on our beautiful Earth 🙂