Angel Podcasts

Angels are with you!
A large angel guide, stimulating and embracing the person they are supporting.

Podcasts on all you want to know about Angels!

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Human Angel Magic!

What angel flow are you in? All people who seek a positive life and world have a connection with angels, because the shift in consciousness brings about this beautiful, collaborative engagement. Find out what angel flow you are in, and how to work with your angelic partners to be the change – with angel wings!

Great Change – Great Angels!

In the Flow? In the Light? Feeling the Shifts?
Experience how easy it is to work with the Great Angels flowing light and love through us all and the Earth, and how we can all create and be the change! Join me for a dance with the Great Angels, with inspiration, information and practical how-to’s to spark up your day!

What Angel Is That?!

There are gazillions of different angels around us and all around our world! Every where you feel a loving presence, experience an uplifting place – you are in the presence of angels. Get to know them, for that’s how you can magnify their blessings – for you, and for our world!
… and see What Angel is That for beautiful pictures of these fantastic beings!

Flapping, Flying, or Flowing? The Best Way to Work With Angels!

We all love angels, and they love to work with us! But how do we really work with them? The secret is in the wings, and in the flow. Listen in, and join me in a practical exercise to get your wings moving!