Cosmic Grace

Deep within the cosmic space

Of living light, the utmost grace.
The heavenly worlds do shower their love
Upon all in their care, planets and stars.

Our little world shines in their wings, their embrace
The angels of Sirius make all things blessed.
But we must choose, day in, day out
To be part of this change, this love and new life!
For it is not them, but us, that hold the key
To manifest peace and world harmony.

We, the angels and humans merged
The body of spirit, made of body of earth.
Alive we are on every plane
Of conscious choice – this is how we create change!

Do not step back from the need of the hour
We stand on the brink of all that empowers.
Accept the demands of body, spirit, light
Balance is the key to angels’ delight.

Awaken your soul to love’s pure power
The light in your heart will flourish and flower.
The Angels of Sirius, flowing living, loving light
Nourish all in their care – be with them tonight!