How to Spark Your Soul Everyday!

How to spark your soul …

Rose Soul HeartHow can you bring your brilliant soul light and vitality into your body, mind and feelings every day?

This four-part series of podcasts will give you practical insights, soul wisdom and simple exercises to increase your soul presence and the flow of living light in every part of your being.

Improve your health and wellbeing, magnify your spiritual alignment, clear your emotions, illuminate your mind!

In other words, Spark Your Soul!


  1. Soul Body: Spark your health and vitality

    Spirituality is a whole-body journey: how can you increase your soul spark and improve your physical health and vitality? Join me for practical know-how and simple techniques to increase the hum of soul inside you!
    Download the Soul Body mp3

  2. Soul Feelings: Create Your Blissful Ocean of Love

    A joyful exploration of how soul sparkles in our feelings, what stops us from living in that sparkling vibe, and simple, practical ways you can create your ocean of love every day!
    Download the Soul Feelings mp3

  3. Soul Mind: Spark your illumination and wisdom

    Bring soul into your conscious mind, and increase wisdom and illumination in your every day! Practical tips, simple tools and meaningful advice to spark your soul!
    Download the Soul Mind mp3

  4. Soul Spark: Become a Radiant Sun!

    What on Earth is Soul? What is it, where is it, why does it matter, and how can you gain immediate access to it?

    Soul is the part of you that knows, that understands your life, that has access to the wisdom of the ages, that has access to the lessons you have learned in past lives through toil and challenge, experience and opportunity.

    It is the essence of your being that holds all your gifts and grace, that inspires you to things greater than you could ever imagine, that lifts your eyes to the horizon when your feet feel stuck on your path, that ignites your inner fire when life leaves you cold, that nourishes your failing strength when life’s challenges starve your resolve…

    But do we really know it? Is it the divinity within you said to be oh so hard to reach unless you are purity incarnate? The soul music you can turn on through your radio right now?

    I will help you ignite and know that flame of soul within you, so it nourishes and protects, enfolds and comforts, inspires and uplifts every aspect of your day. So you become that radiant sun of your divine self!

    Join me for practical insights, soul wisdom and a simple guided meditation to increase your soul presence and the flow of living light in every part of your being.

    Download the Soul Spark mp3 now!

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