Is There Angel Love In Your Food?

We know about angels as helpers, illuminators, guides and healers. Their presence has been felt and described throughout history and across spiritual traditions, from beautiful winged creatures to the embodiment of a dear friend. They have brought their ethereal, almost touchable luminescence and hope to humanity for millennia.

But this is just the beginning of what angels do in our world!

Angels are Everywhere!

Angels are the flow of spirit as it moves into and around our beautiful Earth.

They guide the life force that turns matter into vibrant life, that creates the radiant sparkle which shines through all living beings, connecting us with the heart-beat of cosmos.

Angels are always at work in nature. They shape trees and infuse forests with their presence. They draw forth the beauty of flowers, to uplift us with color and fragrance. They form mountains and oceans, filling them with the awe we feel. They gather water in the clouds and send down the rain, they are the sparkle in the sunshine, the cleansing grace in the wind.

Everything that is part of our Earth’s life has been touched by angels, igniting that inner spark of living light.

Food With Spirit!

This touch of the angels is what brings the vitality of spirit into our food.

We are spiritual beings, not just physical bodies, and we need both spiritual and physical nourishment to radiate and shine.

Food without spirit is not enough!

Think about how wonderful fruit and veggies taste when they have been home grown, or bought from the local farmers’ market. It’s not just the taste, this food feels good, it sparkles with vitality and radiates with goodness. That’s because it has been infused with life force while growing under the angels’ care!

Angels are always helping in gardens and farms, and even if you don’t work with them, or even believe in them, they will still be there to bless your plants or your fields. As long as they see love and care present, they will be there!

Angel-less Land

Sadly, there are farms and fields where love and care are not present, and the angels are forced away. Places where the earth is pushed to yield more than life-force can nourish. This is unsustainable, the life cycle becomes one of depletion, and the angels withdraw.

You can see this in mega farms, where food is grown without care for land and life, but purely for size, yield, color. Where land is owned by an impersonal corporation, and there’s no personal connection. Where more and more chemicals are used to try and bend nature to human will. Where the focus is overwhelmingly on profit, without care for the essential, symbiotic and sustainable partnership between land, life and spirit.

When the balance of nature and her life-giving angels is disturbed, the food produced is no longer infused with life-force.

This is no good for our health and vitality, or that of our beautiful mother Earth! Mega farms won’t feed our world, either; a recent United Nations report states that small, local farms are the key to solving our world food shortage.*

Where is the Glow?

The life-force in fruit and veggies from a home garden, or a local farmer, creates a wholesome glow. You can feel it, see it, sense it. Unfortunately, lots of the food we have access to doesn’t glow. Supermarkets and grocers that bulk buy often get food produced by mega-farms, where it has been grown without life-force, and then wrapped, packed, shipped and stored. Not much glow by the time it gets to your kitchen!

Still, this is a reality many of us live with. We can’t all access food we know has been grown with love.

But we can do something about it, and bring more life-force into the food we eat!

What You Can Do

Firstly, learn how to recognise food that has the angelic glow of vitality and life-force. Whether you see it, feel it, or simply know it – however your intuitive bells ring, practice and increase your expertise, so you can find the food that will really nourish you. Ask an angel to come shopping with you, and help you choose food with that glow in it!

Secondly, bless it. If you can’t find food that glows with life-force and vitality, add it! By bringing blessings down into your food, you can re-vitalise it. Anyone can do this! Angels always come when called with love, and they will work miracles. Use a prayer of grace you love, or words like these:

Angels of light, angels of heart
Bless my (our) food, fill it with love

Be intentful about what you want, and see sparkles of light and love sprinkle down into your food, filling it with life-force. Make it glow!

Nourish Yourself with Angel Love

Angels are always there to call upon when times are tough in our lives, but we also need their loving presence in our food. Food infused with angelic love nourishes our soul and spirit, as well as our physical self. It lifts our vibrations, and helps us be whole, healthy and connected to earth and the divine.

Look for angel-grown food, or bless it yourself, and nourish yourself with loving angel light every day!

* UN: Only Small Farmers and Agroecology Can Feed The World