Love Body Heart

Heart JourneyThe radiance and beauty of your soul life lives in your body, the full expression of your soul ‘s journey: you, here, now, on Earth.

This is the full blessing of who you are, the totally amazing love force at work that creates your being and your beingness.

So many cells, like little lives within you. So many memories, lessons, gifts and abilities stored there: this is your magic toolkit. This is where you turn your spirit into sparkling matter, that matters. That creates a ripple effect through other matter – through all you do, to all you touch, into the Earth and embracing all life.

Love is the force that changes matter.

This is the true and absolute magic, where divine becomes human, and human becomes divine.

Oh, so much love!

But we feel it so rarely, this complete love divine, fully embodied.

So often we seek it outside ourselves, bombarding our senses with love-ish stuff served up at the shop of life’s desires. Or we seek it in deep, far off nirvanic places, where the body is still, uninvolved, and shushed quiet.

But is it not our goal, to be love? To feel love? To share love?

The love that enfolds, embraces and changes everything. The love that transforms. The love that inspires growth, expansion, creativity in the light of the Divine, in the radiance of spirit.

Yaye. This is love. Deep. Living. Divine.

The spark of life itself!

Soul and spirit in body and consciousness, embodied as one on our beautiful Earth, a celebration of life, the magic of creation.

The journey to be love

Love is the journey of consciousness. The journey of being and becoming, choosing and flowing, losing and knowing.

Your journey is mapped, and your guide is within.

Your soul spark knows the way. It is the living flame within your heart that is love, divine. That vibrates love through your being. That shakes you up when you lose touch with that feeling. That showers you with grace when you forget your true being. That embraces you with meaning when you forget your way. That lifts you beyond being so you can see your divine.

Here, You are One

Here, you are one, Soul Spark, with love. Divine, in body, on-purpose, with heart. Here, you are magic, co-creating with life!

Celebrate this love. Let it live in your day. Gift your body with a shower of light, living light – the love that lives and flows through your heart.

Step into this place, here – right now! Step into the truth of your being, where pure love is living in your body.

Dance and embrace your soul, your divine – in your heart, in your body, in your place upon Mother Earth.

Follow your journey, and become this joy. This love-filled body that is magic and so divine!


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