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Please enjoy the podcasts of my radio program from last year. Unfortunately I had to stop running my show due to my chronic illness, but I hope to get back to them again! ♥

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Soul Spark: Become a Radiant Sun!

What on Earth is Soul? Where is it, why does it matter, and how can you gain immediate access to it? Listen in to touch this part of you that is divine and human, and bring it into your life! Includes a simple, guided meditation for soul access.

Soul Mind: Spark Your Illumination and Wisdom

Bring soul into your conscious mind, and increase wisdom and illumination in your every day! Part three in this four-part series of practical tips, simple tools and meaningful advice to spark your soul!

Soul Feelings: Create Your Blissful Ocean of Love

Join me for a joyful exploration of how soul sparkles in our feelings, what stops us from living in that sparkling vibe, and simple, practical ways you can create your ocean of love every day!
Part two in this four-part series on sparking soul in your every day!

Soul Body: Spark Your Health and Vitality

Spirituality is a whole-body journey: how can you increase your soul spark and improve your physical health and vitality? Join me for practical know-how and simple techniques to increase the hum of soul inside you!
This is the first of a four-part series on increasing soul in your day 🙂

Human Angel Magic!

What angel flow are you in? All people who seek a positive life and world have a connection with angels, because the shift in consciousness brings about this beautiful, collaborative engagement. Find out what angel flow you are in, and how to work with your angelic partners to be the change – with angel wings!

Great Change – Great Angels!

In the Flow? In the Light? Feeling the Shifts?
Experience how easy it is to work with the Great Angels flowing light and love through us all and the Earth, and how we can all create and be the change! Join me for a dance with the Great Angels, with inspiration, information and practical how-to’s to spark up your day!

What Angel Is That?!

There are gazillions of different angels around us and all around our world! Every where you feel a loving presence, experience an uplifting place – you are in the presence of angels. Get to know them, for that’s how you can magnify their blessings – for you, and for our world!
… and see the GALLERY of ANGELS for beautiful pictures of these fantastic beings!

Flapping, Flying, or Flowing? The Best Way to Work With Angels!

We all love angels, and they love to work with us! But how do we really work with them? The secret is in the wings, and in the flow. Listen in, and join me in a practical exercise to get your wings moving!

Is Your Soul GPS Working?

Life is a journey, and in these changing times we need new navigational tools. Discern between navigating with your analytical mind, your emotional reactions, and your soul flow – and experience how to navigate with soul!

Ginger the Cow Who Eats Mangoes: How to Live In Hope

We all hope for things – but are we really tapping into the divine energy of hope, the hope we can magnify and co-create with the universe to manifest our dreams? Or, are we playing ‘hope-lottery,’ throwing the word out there and ‘hoping’ something will come of it? Learn how to create true hope in your heart, your day, and hear the story of Ginger the mango-eating cow 🙂

Are Your Guides Tricking You?

With the veils between the inner and physical worlds getting thinner all the time … many people are sensing, seeing, hearing things they haven’t picked up before. And many feel that everything from the inner levels is of light, and can be trusted. Unfortunately, this isn’t so! On today’s Spark Your Soul radio show, I am going to explore with you how to recognize your true guides and angels, and simple techniques to do when the energy just isn’t right …

The Living Heartbeat of the Year

We are beings living in rhythm – rhythm of our hearts, our days, our year. But there is also an annual cycle of life-force, that flows through the Earth and through us, nourishing and inspiring life, and harvesting the bountiful seeds of our efforts. When we work in concert with this life-force rhythm, we are empowered to achieve in alignment with spirit. Otherwise, we are often pushing against the flow!

The In’s and Out’s of Your Energy Space

What is your energy space, your aura, and why does it matter? In this program, we will explore how to get to know your energy space, how it affects you, and simple tips to work with your energy to heal, protect, clear and transform.

Release the Gifts from Your Guilt!

Guilt is often so uncomfortable that we bury it, avoid it, don’t acknowledge it, don’t want to know about it. But your guilt is an amazing guiding partner on your path of heart and soul! Learn about baggage-guilt and conscience-guilt, and a simple exercise to release the gifts within!

6 Elements of Heart Activation Part 1

Why activate your heart? Because when you feel the pressure to change and evolve, when you see the changes happening in the world and want to be part of the positive shifts, you are feeling the call of your soul. You need to access the divine plan and your part in it – and that is through your heart! Part 1 of two programs exploring how you can activate your heart.

6 Elements of Heart Activation Part 2

When you activate your heart you can access all the radiance, love, joy and certainty you want in life! Part 2 explores how to work from your heart, how to live in your heart, and how to radiate and bless from your heart. Create your magic sparkles now!

Love ~ Body ~ Heart

Be in your body to find love, to feel love. Be in your physical self, in your heart, where your soul and your body are one! This is where magic unfolds and you create the change you seek!!

What Force Is With You?

We are all pushed and pulled by the forces of life – but what if you want to align with the force of soul? When you know that, do that, and are that – you have stepped into the true Joy Force, and that makes life on purpose, on fire, and amazing!

What Matters to Your Heart?

What really matters to you? To your heart? Your heart is the seat of your soul, and holds the magic of your soul intention. Your heart shines that intention into your personal self. That’s what matters! How do you tap into that core brilliance of your being? Join the conversation!