Stand Together for the New World

Stand Together in the New World
Let the weight roll off your shoulders
Breathe deeply with the heart rhythm of the Earth
Purify thoughts and feelings, just for this moment
Align yourself, heart body spirit, with the pulsing soul of the Earth

Here we are, another year blessed, new birth begun
Standing strong, past, present, future in form
The human existence with angels pure
The Earth’s living heartbeat with Archangel’s flow

This the life of stillness’s moment
The untold depths of human living experience
This the fullness of life lived in harmony,
of life loved with heart

Here, we stand
brother, sister
Sun, moon; heart, mind
Body illumined

Here we stand,
on the cusp of a new world
For every new day
Is a day of new love

The heart beats strong
on this day of completion
To gather the threads
and pearls for redemption

Unfurl the cloth, the fabric of time
The warp and weft of all that has gone
Withdraw the threads, in harmonious flow
Untangle the knots where the weaver’s hands have stilled
Gather your threads and celebrate their beauty
Prepare now to weave them
Into the new life-world awaiting

We stand, here we are
Together, brother, sister
Suns and stars, moon and water,
Mother and Earth, Sun and warmth, Heart and love

Life pulses through the weft and warp woven anew

Wrap yourself in garmets of light
Your light, our light, together enfolding you

The threads of the past weave the garment of new
So wear your colours, with love and goodwill!

So, here we stand, fair people of Earth
The dawn rises, the new world awaits
Stand in your splendour, wear your light
Shine your true radiance
Your colours of hope

So, thus we are
the world
the new world

Stand. Stand with us.
Stand together.
Then – we are.