Start in Your Heart!

Radiating HeartYou want to be nourished with more love and joy in life. With spiritual insight to make sense of your life. With more meaning and purpose. You want answers and next steps that are aligned with spirit and make sense day-to-day. You want reasons and clarity and hope and magic …

If you want these things, if you want any of those things that bring soul and spirit into your day, you need to go to where your soul and spirit dwell – YOUR HEART!

You need to catch the wave of conscious change happening here on Earth. The wave of heart consciousness, that is flowing, growing and showing us the way to live in harmony with soul, with purpose, with angels, with life itself.

Big picture life – our life, global life, solar life, universal life.

And to be more heart conscious, you have to be more conscious of your heart!

Your HEART is your starting point!

Consciousness is a fascinating thing.

In my experience, it is something that grows, expands, becomes deeper – whatever dimension of it you seek – by you intentfully striving to be there.

Intention makes the difference when you want this kind of lasting change in your beingness. This intention means gathering your personal energies, and applying a coherence and directional flow to those energies with your personal motivation, will, desire, yearning…

One thing about intention is that it is absolutely personal. It is not something that can come from anyone other than yourself, or from your soul, or from other beings of light. If you want to change something in your being, in your consciousness – you are the one who has to muster the energy for it.

This doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself… but, as souls incarnated on earth, we have choice. That is how we learn and grow. So we must exercise that choice in order to do that growing and learning … and become more conscious. It’s a wonderful loop of expansion!

So, if you want to expand your heart consciousness, you have to want it, and find and apply the intention of heart in your thinking, feeling, meditation, awareness … everything you are and do.

Heart Action = Heart Experience!

Being in the heart is just that – it’s a being kind of thing. You have to do it, experience it, flow with it, bump into it, think about it, feel it … in order for the learning and expansion and presence of it to stick with you in your consciousness.

And it’s tricky, because – I’m ‘fraid to say – you can’t get into your heart by thinking yourself there, by wishing you were there, or by willing yourself there.

You have to take heart action to get heart experience.

Tricky, ‘cos we mostly learn things by thinking and feeling. Even meditation – from my own journey, many spiritual practices work directly with your mind to shape your inner experience, or your feelings to flow with your experience. Their focus may be to still and illuminate your mind, to calm and heal your feelings, to relax your body, to take you on an inner journey. All these are valuable if that is what you seek.

But if you want heart consciousness, you need to apply your intention, AND find how you can get into this beautiful place in your being.

There are lots of spiritual tools on Earth, and just like anything you want to build – you can’t do it with just one tool!

Your spiritual heart is really such a different kind of space, a different kind of feeling and experience – you simply gotta experience this vibe to know it in your being, and be able to go there with knowing and certainty!

Want it, do it, know it, be it … your heart.