What Angel is That?

Come Hang Out With Some Angels!

Sacred Garden AngelThere are many different angels around us and all around our world. They are working with us, holding and energizing sacred places of the Earth, creating beauty in energy and matter, sparkling with joy throughout nature, uplifting our lives, changing our world!

I want to help you get to know them, so you can become more conscious in your relationship with them. That way you can cooperate more productively with them in your day, and experience and share their bountiful blessings in greater and greater ways!

The cascading flow

Angels work in an energetic hierarchy, meaning that there are huge angels that touch the divine directly, and then within their energy flow large angels then progressively smaller angels who work with more and more physical vibrations of that light until it can manifest within our physical world.

It is the smaller angels we mostly interact with in our day, those angels who bring the divine into our personal energy sphere and experience, through the beauty of flowers and trees, landscapes and oceans. Through the touch of healing and hope. Through the creation of sacred and joyful places. Through the caress of love and forgiveness.

Everything and anything that brings the divine into our physical world, that creates beauty, in energy or in matter, is the work of these angels, because they work totally in alignment with the divine!

Now meet the angels …

Archangels Jophiel and Constance


These angels are HUGE!

They assimilate the flow of living light directly from the divine, and work directly with the divine plan, the grand scheme of things for our world.

They flow enormous energies and light over eons of time. They can hold the whole Earth in their wings.


Big Landscape Angels

Angels of Sacred Places

Angels Creating a Beautiful Space with People

Small Angels Creating Beauty

Angels and People