What Force is With You?

What Force is With You?We all feel the push-pull of life, especially when big choices are around.

Will l, won’t I? Should I, shouldn’t I? Can I, can’t I?

This push-pull is not only about our interactions, choices and actions in the world, but also in our inner life. That pressure in your heart, in your inner self – this is your life force pushing, pulling you to where you need to be. You wouldn’t be feeling it if there wasn’t something that needs to change.

The outer world doesn’t always give you much of a handle on this.

You might get pointers and support, with doors opening on new opportunities, insights given to inspire you and give you courage – but in fact often it is the opposite.

Your circumstances, your upbringing, even friends and families, can often seed doubt, build up a field of resistance, confront you with disbelief – “you can’t possibly be thinking of doing this, can you?”

The journey of a soul spark

This is the life journey of all soul sparks, because when you tap into your soul light (that driving force of your true life), you are a charge agent.

Soul is all about growth, expansion of consciousness, beingness, love, light – and ALL growth requires change.
Like the seed that must crack its shell to sprout, and then push through the Earth to reach the sunlight, we are here to realize our full potential and to grow into the beautiful being we are here to be.

Let’s get to the Force

Force is an energy coming from one source, to create change in another. It’s always about change.
There are many forces in our life, that’s why we feel many push-pulls. There are the forces from our childhood – patterns we learned, owned, took on. There are wishes and desires we have built up – dreams for this and that. There are expectations of society, family, partner, friends …

Then, there is the force of your soul.

The force of life that pushes, pulls you along your soul path.

Our challenge in life is how to recognize and balance these forces, and choose wisely!

When you feel pressured, the forces are not pushing & pulling together, but against one another.

You need to do something!

If you go deeply into your heart and align with the flow of light, the stream of life force, the push from your soul, you have a good place to start.

Joy Force

No matter what life throws at you, being aligned with the life force of your soul is where you feel the joy that comes from inside.

The joy of being aligned with the blueprint of who you really are meant to be, what you are to grow in to, the beautiful presence you are meant to bring into the world.

What are you waiting for?

Step into the force that really matters, choose with the alignment that guides you to be your greatest self, and be one with the Joy Force!

Like to explore this and practice getting into your Joy Force?