What Matters to Your Heart?

Golden HeartYou could ask, what do you care about? Or what inspires you? Or what drives you from the inside? Or what your deep inner vision shows you?

Of all these things, do you know what really matters to your heart?

Let’s reflect for a moment… what is your heart?

Ok, it’s the ticker inside your chest.

But wait … there’s more!

Of course there is, you know that!

In the outside world, aka, what you see through your eyeballs – you can see we are living in a sea of heart-shaped stuff. Hearts of every size, type and color are flashing on signs and dangling in shop windows. They’re on t-shirts, in logos, in jewellery. . . in ads, on TV, on billboards!

Maybe you have an “I [insert fave place/team/….]” t-shirt, cup, drink bottle, or other gizmo in your cupboard.

These are ‘outside’ hearts. They’re great, and I love them.

But what about your ‘inside’ heart?

As they say, ‘the eyes are the window to your soul’. But your heart is the seat of your soul.

It is where your spiritual self touches your personal self. Where your soul sparks within you, inspires you, guides you. Where your spiritual consciousness aligns with your day-to-day operational thinking and feeling consciousness. Where you feel the wholeness of who you are in body and soul.

When you touch this place, you touch what really matters to your heart.

It is such a radiant, joy-filled and uplifting feeling!

But, to be frank, it can also be a pressure, a push – because your heart is the place where your soul inspires you to shift, change, rearrange, reawaken … whatever is needed to become more aligned within. To become more integrated with your spiritual purpose and soul-self and shine your light into the world.

These are the things that matter to your heart. You, living as a soul-sparked human being, radiant and joy-filled, making your difference in the world.

When you want to know what matters to your heart…

…this is where you will find it – in this deep place of alignment and magic.

How do you tap into that beautiful space inside yourself, and become conscious of what matters to your heart?

I find I can go to this place of heart through many things – beautiful music, inspiring texts, heart-focused meditations, on-purpose actions.

But it always starts with intention. When you want to go there, you will find a way. When you want to know there, you will open to the journey. When you really want to be there, life will take you.

It’s time to be aligned with heart and soul, to open up and find your spark!

So, what matters to your heart?!